How Can You Wash A Dog?

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How to Wash a Dog For most people, pets are part of the family. They play, exercise, and even sleep with you! So just like people, they can get dirty. What do you do? Well, it’s time to give your dog a bath. Though, often, this can be pretty tricky, especially if your dog hates baths more than the mailman. But in a few easy steps with some tips and tricks, your dog can be looking fresh and clean and you can come out unscathed and dry (mostly). In order to get your animal squeaky clean, you will require some tools. You need a lead or leash and collar, dog shampoo, a bath tub (preferably with a detachable shower head), towels, clothes that you don’t mind getting wet, and some patience. The first step in bathing your dog is all about preparation. Secure your lead or leash and collar to the facet, making sure to leave enough slack so that the dog may look around and not choke but it restricts them from leaving the bath tub. For dogs that have been known to go haywire over taking a bath, it would be better to use a leash and collar than a lead, as they may flail and tighten the lead, choking themselves. Make sure the collar is loose enough to where you can slip two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck horizontally with a comfortable amount of room, but also keeping it snug. You will also want to prepare the shampoo you will be using by opening it and keeping it in a spot within your reach while you are washing the dog, but not where the animal can knock it over or

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