How Can Your Learning Partner Help You

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Unit 6 Discussion 2 Question 1: How can your learning partner help you in the process? The biggest problem is communicating and even more in front of a roomful of people. Many quoted that practice makes perfect, but the key word is practice. I have several cohorts that check on my progress, and help out a lot with understanding the lesson plan. I have one special cohort, we speak to each other often. There are some things that cannot be changed, such as the character or personality of a person. There is no problem saying funny things in a crowded room, but to stand up and share information to a room full of experts is very hard. If it is possible the learning partner can help with this communication problem, maybe practice does change things. Improvement in the area of oral communication would also help build the level of confidence during my study. I am a visual student, I learn more from seeing the picture and not just verbal words. Verbal words without visual pictures just add to the confusion and creates a hard picture of what the other person is talking about. The wonderful way a learning partner can help is to help with critical thinking and positive feedback (Bruning, 2005). The article of “The Role of Critical Thinking in the Online Learning Environment” explains interaction with a learning partner focuses on reflection, interaction, feedback, and reinforce learning that actually raises the learner to a higher level (Bruning, 2005). The learning partner will aid
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