How Can the Work Setting Encourage Children and Young People's Positive Behaviour.

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There are many ways in which the work setting can encourage children 's and you people 's positive behaviour, they are as follows: 1.Developing positive relationships All children will crave attention from an early age, as babies we coo and smile To get attention. This is why it 's important to build positive relationships from an early age or as soon as possible the reason for this is children need support and attention from us, if the relationships are not good the children may feel they can not get positive attention easily so are more likely to show unwanted behaviour to get negative attention. Taking time to talk and have fun with children is therefore important. 2. Listening to children and valuing their opinion It…show more content…
For this to be most effective, it is important that children understand why praise is given. And that the praise is given when the child has done something right like sharing. 11. Encourage children to resolve conflict. When children get to a certain age they begin to play cooperatively which means by the age of about four alot of children start to resolve conflict on their own. As adults we still need to show children how to do this in a positive way. As children grow older adults need to step back and see if children can resolve conflicts on their own. It is also important to give praise when this is done, if the children are still finding it difficult, it may be useful to act as a guide rather then tell them exactly what to do. 12. Looking for reasons for inappropriate behaviour. If children are happy they will generally show positive behaviour unless they are tired, poorly or hungry. When children start showing unwanted behaviour it is important to figure out why they are behaving in that way. This may mean talking to parents along with observing the child closely. Event recordings can be useful when monitoring a child 's behaviour as you can usually tell how long a child has been showing a certain type of behaviour and also when and why. 13. Following your behaviour policy. All settings that follow the EYFS should have a behaviour policy in place. This policy should set out how a setting intends
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