How Canada Gained Independence from Britain

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How Did Canada Gain Independence from Britain? [Name of Student] [Name of Institute] Table of Contents Introduction 3 Sir John A MacDonalds and the Fathers of Confederation 3 Sir John A MacDonalds National Policy-tariffs, Immigration and Railway Railway Expansion West 4 Founding of the Canadian Provinces 5 World War 1- The Battle of Vimy Ridge 6 Prime Minister King's Role in Gaining Independence for Canada from Britain 7 Statute of Westminster and the Belfour Declaration 8 Conclusion 9 Reference 11 Introduction Canada was the first country to gain independence through legislation and in 1800s; there were different British colonies in North America from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland. Different colonies achieved status of responsible government and these colonies were self-governing. Considering the history of Canada, this paper is providing the brief historical accounts of Canada in the context of independence from Britain. Sir John A MacDonalds and the Fathers of Confederation Sir John A. MacDonald (1815 1891) was born in Scotland and he migrated to Canada in 1820. His political career started when he was elected as alderman of the city council. He was considered as contender for the Kingston seat in the Legislative Assembly after achieving the local prominence as lawyer and politician. He was known to be the most acknowledged leaders of his party and he possessed various positions in cabinet (Francis, et al., 2009; Kearney & Ray, 2002). He was

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