How Canada Remained Independent of Foreign Control but Also Managed to Be a Part of International Decision Making.

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How successful Canada was on remaining independent of foreign control, whilst being a part of international decision making.
Canada remained independent of foreign control a majority of the time, but at others it did give in to the pressure put upon it. Canada also got to be a big part of the decision making because it put itself out there, got recognized as a middle power and proved its worth.
Some of the ways Canada remained independent of foreign control are: When president Reagan’s administration had a project they were trying to get Canada involved in called the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI, but also referred to as Star Wars). This was a plan to arm satellites that could destroy soviet missiles from space. Not many people
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When NORAD was put in place during 1985 many Canadians were angered because they felt it threatened Canadian independence and since the soviet missiles would be intercepted and destroyed over Canada, Canada would be the one facing damage and destruction, not the US, but despite this, Canada has maintained its commitment to NORAD. Canada and Americas’ economies are very alike, to this day.
In 1945 when the UN was officially founded, Canada argues to be made a middle power, meaning they would get recognition for being capable of holding their own, and the contribution they made during World War II. Canada is very well known for their participation in every UN peacekeeping operation. Lester B. Pearson even won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1957. When Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal, Britain, France and Israel made a secret pact to invade Egypt. Israel attacked Egypt while Britain and France took over the Canal. The situation grew tense when many countries denounced the invasion. Lester B. Pearson proposed to the UN that Britain, France and Israel withdraw their troops and the UN send a peacekeeping army into Egypt. His proposal was accepted. Canada also adapted a new flag, which in a way was to show they had completely detached themselves from Britain. In 1949 Canada had signed the NATO treaty. That was the first time Canada had signed a military
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