How Cancer Affects a Family

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This was the diagnosis of stage four cancers that affected my mom and there was nothing that the doctors could do. The next question my dad had was, “How long?” The doctor said, “Less than ninety days,” due to the fact that the cancer had eaten its way through mom’s bladder. This is the most serious illness that I have had to deal with was truly hard on me and a lot more so on my dad; since he and mom would have been married more than thirty years. My question was, “Okay, do we tell her or just let everything seem as if it all going to be alright?” We just wanted Mom to be happy and not in any pain. So, we decided not to tell her that she was dying, just to take it one day at a time. After, that I took a month off from work to spend time…show more content…
Mom was gray, and gasping I hated to see her like that, yet I wanted her out of the pain that she was in too. I laid there with her for a while telling her “that if she had to go before anyone got there they would understand.” She just laid there with her eyes closed trying to relax I would think how long is she going to gasp? Dad finally got there and started talking to her; as he did she stopped gasping and said “look at the blue birds.” Dad looked at me and grandmother because the blinds to her room were closed and so were her eyes. Mom was almost at peace I think. Everyone came that I called spent time with her and we laughed knowing that it was wrong to be laughing at the memories with her lying there slowly leaving us. The memory that everyone seemed to enjoy the most was the Christmas that had just past. Mom’s reaction to everyone in her room at one time, due to the room being so little and there being at least twenty-five people in there with us remind all of us of the people trying to see how many people they could fit into phone booth. When mom finally died that night, going home seemed emptier knowing that she was never coming home again. Yet, another way that I look at it is she is truly home and pain free. Cancer has affected my family since mom’s passing by losing more family members within a few months of her leaving us. Now, I take every checkup seriously
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