Essay about How Capability Approach View Justice

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By This quote Amartya Sen begins his book: The Idea of Justice: “In the little world in which children have their existence’, says Pip in Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations, ‘there is nothing so finely perceived and finely felt, as injustice.” (Sen, 2009: p: vii). In 1979 Amartya Sen presented the capability approach as an alternative and improvement on the social primary goods approach provided by John Rawls. And also to the preferences satisfaction and real income ideas as measures for well being for the purposes of justice. in his lecture at Stanford University entitled “Equality of What”. Sen argued if People were basically very similar, then an index of primary goods might be quit a good way of judging advantage. But, in fact…show more content…
Sen alternative approach focus on the relationship between resources that people have and their ability to manage them. “ account would have to be taken not only the primary goods the person respectively hold, but also of the relevant personal characteristics that govern the conversion of primary goods into the person’s ability to promote her ends”( Sen, 1999, P:74) The capability approach which was first proposed by Amartya Sen and developed by Martha Nussbaum. “The capability approach has in the last twenty years become a hugely influential theory for international social justice.” (Deneulin et al. (eds.),2006: P:2). The basic idea of the capabilities approach is to point to what people are actually able to do and to be, and a life that is worthy of the dignity of the human being (Nussbaum, 2000, P: 5). CA concerned on achieving human flourishing, discussing how policies impact people’s lives and evaluating the state of affairs to guide the future polices. In addition all social arrangements should be designed by human beings who are free and able to take decisions as the basis of their human dignity. “Social arrangements should aim to expand people’s capabilities and freedom to promote or achieve what they value doing and being” (Alkire and Deneulin, 2009, P: 31). CA view of justice rooted in the liberal idea. CA is looking to the Idea of
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