How Career Is A Successful Internship

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How to Accomplish a Successful Internship
For a college student, internship experience not only broadens one’s horizons, but it also enriches one’s resume. For me, an internship is a good way to apply what I’ve learned at school to professional experience. While we students are seeking internship opportunities to qualify ourselves for good job positions, figuring out what we have obtained from internship experience and preparing for future internships or jobs is even more important.
The book They Don’t Teach Corporate in College gives me instructions of how to follow a successful career path. While combining my personal internship experience with what I learned from the book, I have a better understanding of how to prepare, pursue and finally accomplish a successful internship. To begin with, you need to know about yourself. Figuring out your strengths and weaknesses can help you find suitable fields and relevant jobs quickly and accurately. I once worked as an assistant for a financial accountant in the Trade and Finance Department at Bank of China. One of the reasons I got the internship was because the department desired interns who had good English writing skills. While I am an international student studying in America, the manager thought I had the skills. Therefore, knowing about your skills and making the best use of them on your resumes can lead to internship opportunities.
After knowing about what skills you are good at and what fields you might work in, go online…
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