How Career Success Is Defined By Student

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The purpose of the report What career success means varies among people. One of the most vastly used definition is ‘The evolving sequence of a person’s work experiences over time’ (Arthur et al., 1989). This report attempt to discover how career success is defined by student, the features that indicate it and the strategies that lead to it. Sample and procedure At the start of the course we were formed into groups. Each group has to sit and design an interview questions to conduct two interviews per each and extract the useful information about the issue. We decided to use semi-structured interviews. Respondents in this report were students of the University of East Anglia. We determined the potential student and emailed them…show more content…
According to the previous types, the desire of getting an Objective career success was on a par with Subjective career success. To clarify more, getting a high salary and promotion which were the most dominant among responders represent the objective career success, whereas job satisfaction, reputation and appreciation which considered as a subjective career success get a high demand between them. Moreover, when it comes to the career orientation which has been defined in different ways such an ‘individual interest in a larger class of work activities than those associated with a specific job or organization’ (Liden & Green, 1980), it is clearly that the majority prefer to get work-life balance and some considered it as an indicator of career success because they believe the success is how to balance different goals without hurting some of them. However, the minority were focused on taking risks and discovering new ways to deal with work requirements and overcome the obstacles. Yet, none of these approaches is modern or new as the first one belong to the fifth types of career orientation which is ‘Getting Balanced’ and the second one represents the third types which is ‘Getting High’ as described by Derr in 1986. Furthermore, depending on the findings the qualities that are linked to career success from the participants’ perspective are divided into three types. First, the qualities
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