How Caring Can Be Interpreted Throughout Many Different Ways

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The word caring can be interpreted in many different ways. Caring can be seen as simply having any feelings about someone or something that are more positive than the feeling of indifference. It can also mean something much more extensive. According to the Oxford Dictionary, being caring means displaying kindness and concern for others (Oxford Dictionaries). The Collins English Thesaurus writes of the word caring being synonymous with words such as compassionate, loving, kindly, warm, soft, sensitive, tender, sympathetic, and responsive (Collins English Thesaurus). As an adjective, Webster Dictionary defines caring as having or displaying warmth or affection, or feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others (Webster Dictionary). There are similarities between the descriptions, but the more you find, the more hazy the definition becomes. The definition of caring involves showing concern and empathy for others, but how exactly does one do that? Many people would argue that having the ability to care or to be caring is something that is innate. It is very unnatural for someone to not care for their family or their children. Being a caring parent can be hugely important on the life of your child. The idea of caring is oftentimes what brings people closer together. Each friend or family member that you feel close to has likely shown you caring behavior at some point, making you feel comfortable with that person. Showing caring behaviors gives the person receiving the…
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