How Cars Changed The World

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There are some things that are a “must have” for everybody, from the smallest cell phones to the biggest refrigerators, there is one invention we all share that changed the world and that invention is a car. I will talk about how cars not only changed the world we live in today but how they are still changing everything. The concept of cars has always been an interest to people. The ability to be able to travel far places quickly and cheaply is something that has always been strived for. Not only have we developed that but we have achieved much more. From being 10 and seeing pictures of Lamborghinis until today and learning about Google’s self-driving car, it influences us in a small and large way. I will explain a brief history of the…show more content…
From these suburbs, jobs were able to expand and prices in food could drop by being able to produce large amounts of shipments at a low cost. This gave way to auto motives with many different types of jobs and responsibilities. It also created new forms of jobs that have never been seen before, such as truck drivers and taxis. New jobs are still being created every day such as Uber and Lyft programs used to earn money from using personal cars. Everything that is possible today might not have been if it had not have been for the use of motorized vehicles. One might say that humans as a whole might have come up with an alternative solution but we are still currently trying to come up with one. Jake Holmes wrote an article for Automotive Magazine last year and said that “It was clear from early age that cars will only continue grow in power and efficiency.” Cars today are all about being efficient in every way possible and electric cars are a prime example but the problem with electric cars are the same as the first cars. They are expensive, and inefficient. Until a moderately new company named Tesla started doing things differently. Tesla is the modern day Ford leading in the advancement of inexpensive cars by providing new ways of making the electric car. Not only Tesla but Google is paving the way for a new kind of car. Google and Tesla’s self-driving cars are something straight from the future. Imagine setting off in
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