How Cartoons Have A Impact On A Person 's Childhood

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Cartoons have a large impact on a person’s childhood. Pixar is one company that holds a special place in the hearts of many. Many of Pixar’s movies are huge successes and create a cult-like following. People have become so enamored with the movies, in fact, conspiracies have aroused surrounding the movies. Among the many conspiracies regarding the stories is one that is surrounded by much hype. This conspiracy is known as “The Pixar theory”. The conspiracy hypothesizes that several of the company’s films are linked together to create one large story. The Pixar theory is a complex philosophy, but promotes Pixar’s emphasis on creativity and imagination. The theory starts with Brave. Brave involves a strong willed princess, Merida,…show more content…
This disdain for humans is not only subject from inanimate objects, but also from animals (Pixartheory). Finding Nemo is set in the early 2000s. Alike the toys, the civilization of fish is sophisticated. The pollution and experimentation upon the ocean and fish is their cause for disdain against the humans. The fish are growing increasingly more sophisticated just as their bitterness towards humans does (Pixartheory). Ratatouille takes place in 2007, in Paris, France. Remy the chef has advanced human qualities for a rat. Remy is able to walk on his hind feet, read, cook, and clean. Although Remy and Linguini have a strong human to animal relationship, it is obvious the tension between animals and humans is rising (Pixartheory). Toy Story 3 is set in 2010. Animals as well as toys have struggled continuously the past few years. This explains why toys are very hesitant and resentful towards humans. Lotso the Huggin’ Bear is an example of being fed up with the treatment of toys. The animosity growing between animals as well as toys and humans is rising. In fact, there is a letter written from Carl and Ellie explaining to Andy to get rid of his toys. The tension growing between toys and humans is what causes the couple to move to solitude (Pixartheory). Up is set in 2011, where Carl must give up his home to the corporation B’n’L. Later, Carl discovers the machine invented by Charles Muntz allows
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