How Cattle Are Being Humanely Slaughtered?

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Of all the things that this week’s lesson could have begun with the strange description of how cattle are being humanely slaughtered in large commercial slaughterhouses was a huge surprise.
The author of our lesson begins by describing how cattle that have been transported to a slaughterhouse are unloaded from their transport trailers.
The unloading is handled completely different than what I would have envisioned.
I would have thought that the cattle would have been driven out of the trailers with cattle prods and a lot of pushing and yelling.
Instead the cattle are unloaded without any yelling or prodding.
The pathway and ramps that the animals are led down from the trailers are constructed with gently descending grades and all the pathways have smooth surfaces while the curves along the pathway contains no blind spots or turns that the cattle can’t see around.

The unloading of the trailers is done in a manner that the cattle encounter nothing while being unloaded that would induce fear, excitement or confusion in them.
The unloading process is done as quietly as possible with the cattle’s first encounter after leave the trailers being a squeeze chute that simulates the feeling for the cattle of a gentle motherly caress; the squeeze chute induces an even greater calming effect upon the animal.
The effects produced by the silence and the serene surroundings lull the cattle into such a calm state that they are completely unaware of the moment when they are lifted off their…
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