How Celebrities Presented Through Mass Media?

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My research question is, “How are celebrities presented through mass media?” I am interested in this particular research question because I have celebrities that are my idols and want to know if they have shaped who I am as a person and society. There are whole networks on television dedicated to what celebrities say, who they marry, their families, love lives, charity work, and inappropriate habits that lead to consequences and so on. I am interested in why society and I are so intrigued with celebrities’ lives, when in reality they are just people. Although they are just people, they influence our sense of style, music, movie choice, and aspirations. It is important to understand how celebrities are presented through mass media because sociology is the study of human science and being able to look at norms, values, and beliefs in a different light.
The first example shown in the way celebrities are presented in mass media and how it affects people is the death of a royal icon, Princess Diana of Wales. She was killed in 1997 in a fatal car accident. Many years’ later fans and loved ones still wondered whether the paparazzi should be appointed to for the fatal crash. There have been recent studies about celebrities that say psychological involvement with a celebrity will have a social influence on the public. A survey was given right after Princess Diana’s death that compared people’s level of curiosity with Princess Diana as well as their wonder
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