How Cell Phones Affect Social Behavior

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Effects of Mobile Phones on Social Skills Kelly Schriever, Matt Seeberger, Mary Sweet, Emily Putnam Elizabethtown College March 17, 2014 Today we live in a world where communication through modern technology is almost required. Everywhere people are texting, emailing, writing blogs, and tweeting. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing someone using a phone or the internet to connect with others. Most people would feel lost without the use of their phones. Of course the use of technology can be good. It provides us with a faster, more efficient way to communicate with others. They also allow for easier communication with others that live far away, but many argue that modern technology,…show more content…
926). Therefore, the feeling of loneliness will not disappear with one successful conversation, but rather with the practice of multiple face to face discussions, which ultimately builds relationships. If these relationships aren’t built and low self-esteem persists, then people are more likely to continue to use their cell phones as a way of communication, which could eventually lead to cell phone addiction (Hong, 2012). Cell Phone Addiction Not only does cell phone usage hinder relationships and cause loneliness, but it is also very possible to develop an addiction to your phone. Mobile phone addiction can occur for many reasons, all which directly relate back to loneliness. Hong (2012) found that one reason for cell phone addiction comes from the use of social media influences. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. All of these social media sites use numbers as a way to determine your popularity. How many Facebook friends do you have, how many retweets can you get on Twitter, how many people like your picture on Instagram? The higher of a number people receive on each of these sites, the higher their self-confidence will be. If a person’s self-confidence is greater due to an app on their cell phone, the more likely they are to use their cell phone to make them happy, which leads to addiction.

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