How Cell Phones Can Harm Children

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How Cell Phones Can Harm Children As of 2013, cell phones rank number one for causes of car accidents, yet it seems almost impossible to go anywhere without seeing a cell phone in a person’s hand or attached to their ear (“Two-thirds of Adults Use a Cell Phone”). In the past thirty years, cell phones have started to pop up everywhere and have increased tremendously in popularity since. Worldwide, almost five million cell phones are in use today (“Cell Phone Use Linked”). Many parents understand the convenience and helpfulness of cell phones, but many more parents do not realize the dangers that cell phone usage can bring to children. Cell phones put children at risk for behavioral problems, cancer, and even death. First, cell phones can have an effect on the way children communicate and interact with others, which affects their behavior, causing challenges such as hyperactivity, as well as obedience and emotional issues. Cell phones do not only affect children that use them, they can also affect children in the womb. Dr. Leeka Kheifets, an epidemiologist at the University of California Los Angeles, led a study that found that, “children whose mothers who used cell phones while pregnant and who also use the cell phones themselves were 50 percent more likely to have behavioral problems” (qtd. in “Cell Phone Use Linked”). Meaning, children can develop behavioral problems from cell phones simply because their mother used one while pregnant with them. Many people argue that

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