How Cell Phones Changed Our Lives

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All of the changes we as a society have adjusted to over the past few decades have created revolutionary milestones for our everyday lifestyles and habits. Thanks to these advancements, we are also given a glimpse of what our society may become in the near and distant future. One of the most evolutionary aspects to today’s society is the cell-phone. As of today, our society most definitely takes the idea of cell-phones for granted, since they are now so easily accessible and common. But cell-phones weren’t nearly as useful and convenient to society decades ago. Throughout the nearly seventeen years of my life, I have observed how much society has improved technologically. How cell-phones became such an important part of our everyday lives is the idea that I am most curious about. Before researching, I knew basic information about cell-phones: how they were less common years ago, and they were much bigger with extremely basic functions. I wanted to expand my knowledge on this topic because cell-phones are becoming more essential for everyday work and/or tasks. I also wanted to know how one of the most important and used devices of our generation came to be. Not only did I want to explore the evolution of the cell-phone, but I also wanted to research the Apple Company more in depth as well. Their products have constantly and successfully introduced and displayed revolutionary advancements to how society views technology, especially when it comes to the cell-phone. Music is my
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