Essay on How Challenging Is the Common Core Standards for Students

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The purpose of this study was to determine how challenging the common core standard really is for our students by using lexiles to determine its complexity. They added the intra- lexiles which is the mean sentence length (msl) and the mean log word frequency (mlwf) to determine exactly how difficult it may be.
Lexiles is a readability formula that was designed electronically to calculate a student’s MSL and MLWF. Using this formula they was able to make an assumption that if a student uses short sentences and simple words they do not understand the material. Where as if a student who writes longer sentences and uses bigger words understands the material very well. Students MSL and MLWF was then added on a scale ranging from 0 to 2000, with
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Even though Elfrieda Hiebert didn’t specifically state how she analysize her information you can easily say that she used the analysis of variance route. In her study, she used a certain procedure that added two components to the lexiles for each grade level and was able to give a broader scale of difficulty on the text and she compared it to the scale that was already used by the CCSS to show that there is a significant difference in level of difficulty when you factor in all components.
After reading her study, I find myself wanting to research more on how the CCSS is grading our students on a scale that doesn’t factor in all the components and sticking them on a scale that is only predetermined by assumption. To assume that a student doesn’t understand the material simply because they wrote a short sentence baffles me. I also disagree with the fact that the CCSS/ ELA do not allow any room for error. With no room for error they are expecting students to be on point in regards to being at a certain level at a certain time. My understanding of this allows me to believe the way the complexity is determined can allow for numerous of failures because no child learns at the same and is on the same level at a given time.
If the CCSS is basically grading on the level of assumptions for the ELA are they doing the same for the mathematics?
I agree with having the common core
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