How Change A Flat Tire

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How to Change a Flat Tire
If it has not happened to you then it has most likely happened to someone you know. It usually catches you off-guard, and can even be scary or dangerous at times. Are you wondering what I am referring to? I am talking about the dreaded flat tire. When a tire ruptures while driving, it is a very startling experience. It is likely that it will happen to most of us at least once. Many people will reach for a phone to call some type of roadside assistance. There is nothing wrong with calling for help. However, knowing how to change your own flat tire can be very reassuring. The work can be done in a few simple steps. When you get a flat tire while driving you may feel the car pull to one side, or hear a thumping sound from the tire. The first thing you need to do is turn on your hazard lights and slow down. Look for a safe place to pull over. You should try to find a place that will give you room to work, and get you as far away from the road as possible. Ensure the vehicle parking brake is engaged when you park. Once you are in a safe area, you are ready to get out the tools you will need for the job.
All vehicles come with the tools you need to change the tire. You will need a jack, a lug wrench and the spare tire from your vehicle. The owner’s manual from your vehicle will give you the location and a description for all of these tools. Gather these tools and lay them out in an area near the tire that is flat. Now that you have the tools, you
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