How Change Is A Essential Part Of Life

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Change is a vital part of life, it allows us to grow and mature overtime. Whether you want to believe it or not, we go through changes. We find different outlooks, styles and sometimes we may even change our personality, or maturity level. My choices over the course of this semester have changed me for the better. I started this class oblivious to the norms and traditions of a college English class. I must admit that for the first few weeks I was shocked at how different college is from my simple high school English course.
I now have a different outlook on life. At the beginning of the semester I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to further my education at a four year university, or successfully complete my AA degree and then enter a police academy. I can now say that I know my path and I can’t wait to walk it, I’m glad that this change has happened in my life. Additionally, the next thing that has changed is my maturity level. I didn’t take this class as serious as I should have in the beginning and my grade reflected that. I changed my attitude toward the course by concentrating more on the instructions and making sure that I followed them to the best of my ability.
I wrote about the emotion desire in an essay earlier this semester, while I do feel this emotion daily there is another emotion that stays prevalent in my mind. Pride is something that is a big part of my personality, it is both a positive and a negative. Everyone needs at least some pride or else they
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