How Change Is A Fundamental Component Of Any Change Essay

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Change is unescapable and essential to succeed in today 's competitive world. In fact, entire human history is nothing but an ever changing endeavor to adapt to multiple changes. Under this context, Today 's leaders have to be very conscious that the human psychological aspect is a fundamental component of any change process - the different phases and coping mechanism that people need to go through to let go of the past and be ready for a new start. Hence, a true leader should constantly focus on strategic planning encompassing human transition and eventually helping the organization embrace change, as we know that in current business world, failure to adapt to changes is a recipe for tragedy. (Quiros, 2014). Types of Organizational changes "Organizational change" refers to the any major shift or directional change in the organization such as an internal business restructuring, incorporating a new business entity, adopting or integrating a new technological platform, any company wide process change, like adoption of a new ERP process. On the other hand, there can also be comparatively smaller changes such as adopting a new operational process, bringing in new resources into a team etc. Different categories of an organizational change can be classified as follow: Evolutionary vs Revolutionary change Evolutionary Change. It is slow, incremental, and precisely focused on an agenda. Change includes incremental enhancements in the current process (Jones, 2013). It may include
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