How Change Is An Important Part Of Any Business

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Introduction Change is an important part of any business, it can allow positive effects to the business and its members. Change is taking something and making it better, in order to be successful. In this report we will consider a company that we currently work at or would like to work at and discuss a change it went through. The company I chose is 7-Eleven, because it is currently my part time job for the past seven years and felt it would be interesting to dwell deeper into the company and it large changes. Through this report we will discuss about the Company history , a sit down interview with the manager/owner stating why they made the changes they did, Discuss management’s role in the change, Discuss at length the change, then…show more content…
[the company] plans to open stores in the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam"(About Us - 7-Eleven Corporate, 2015). 7-Eleven is one of the few retailers that open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which is a huge benefit to guest, so needs can be met around the clock. 7-Eleven is very successful because all activities done by the company correlate to their mission and vision statements. 7‑Eleven, was on "BrandZ’s 10th annual list of the most valuable global brands for 2015, [they were] the only convenience-store chain to make the list...[they] claimed the No. 17 spot on the retail category list, valued at $7.49 billion" (Accomplishments & Milestones- 7-Eleven Corporate). 7-Eleven works with many vendors including Frito Lays, Coke, Pepsi Imperial and Wallace/Carey, all that bring products and services that the customers like and enjoy which gives it a competitive advantage against its competitors. 7-Eleven also developed an app that informed guest on upcoming events and promos. The app also had a locator function, weekly coupons, feedback section and the main feature a star collector, where if a guest purchased six beverages (Slurpee, fountain drinks, ice coffee, or hot beverages) they receive a seventh beverage free, a similar concept to McDonalds sticker
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