How Change Is Inevitable And It Is Important For Companies

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Organizational change is inevitable and it is important for companies to embrace and implement change without suffering severe consequences. Change can occur for several reasons, but first let’s discuss two different categories where change comes from. Change has two drivers: external and internal. Things such as laws, demographics, competition, or the economy drives external change; while internal change is driven by internal factors such as new management systems, increase in morale or the implementation of new technology. People naturally fear change and most will resist it. In order for a company to transition smoothly, it will need to do extensive planning from beginning to end. There are several steps a company can take to make the adjustment easier, starting with managing the change appropriately.
It is extremely important to manage change appropriately from the very beginning in order to eliminate any immediate negative side effects. The first step is to select a management team to lead the change. A plan of action needs to be in place and it must address issues that are likely to occur, such as employee resistance. The management team should be active, visible and approachable by all employees. Talk and discuss the changes that will be taking place, give reasons of why the changes are happening. David Jones, change consultant, said “Get clear about why you need to make a change. Is there a business imperative?” (Robinson). Employees are more understanding when they
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