How Change Is Using Changing Our Approach

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It waits, hiding behind the fragments of happy moments that pop up from time to time. It ebbs, the emotional tide before the mind’s storm. It strikes, leaving its victim motionless and defenseless and forever under its control. The dread we feel often, being stuck in a rut, is difficult to escape from. What do we do when there’s just no way out? Perhaps we accept what is our reality—forever impoverished, despondent, or a mindless drone for the man—and continue on the path. However, when we’re stuck facing the corner, all we see is the destination and not the endless possibilities that await behind us. In order to walk forward, we need to glance backwards.
Certainly, the first step towards change is using changing our approach. We rarely venture outside our comfort zone, and thus find it difficult to change our routine. Over time, we can become discouraged and think that the results we want are impossible. Beginning in 8th grade, I did whatever I could to avoid public speaking. Suddenly sick, cutting class, rudely refusing, giving up my grade, insults…each time I did it, I knew that I was drawing more attention to myself through my absence rather than just actually giving the speech. Yet the fear of everyone hearing my obvious stuttering, seeing my face camouflage as a rose, and staring at my shaking would outweigh any shame I had over being a coward. Three years later, and I…had run out of excuses. Refusing to give this 20 minute speech would result in automatic failure,
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