How Change The System Or Practice Will Achieve The Desired Outcome?

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Y 1. Do I believe I have the personal capacity to figure out how to change the system or practice to achieve the desired outcome? I have the capacity to figure out how to change the system, but the barrier were the Cabinet not approving the change. Since this was new to them, they didn’t understand in some cases you do need to target groups. N 2. Am I will to do the very hard work necessary to plan and implement the change? I am not responsible for the work in this unit, and their deliverables and objectives may have other priorities which would allow this not to be a focus item. Political Y 1. Can I convince enough people to support the change? At the time no, but currently yes. One of the drawback or…show more content…
Y 2. If the new initiative is a failure, can I withstand the impact in my work environment? If it would have been a failure, we would have just removed it from the schedule, but the research clearly shows how these types of program work and any assistance provide to those who are at a disadvantage allows them to compete better. Emotional N 1. Do I have the intestinal fortitude to work for the vision and slog through resistance and severe criticism? Not that I couldn’t fight the change, but when we really work with a conscience and others do not open their mind to change at times it is hard to navigate through the spaces. Sometimes individuals have to learn the hard way and others suffer for it. Social N 1. Am I willing to weaken longstanding personal and professional relationships and reduce trust in order to actualize the vision? I wouldn’t be weakening personal relationships because one thing that I will say is that I am able to separate personal and business. I have had some heated discussions at time, to state things, and after I have stated them we are done with the conversation. Sometimes I have been told that no one wants to see me angry, but I see that also as a cop-out not to have a healthy discussion. Is Your Board of Regents an Obstacle to Change? Y 1. Does the school board have confidence in your leadership? I have had the opportunity to build a relationship with most of
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