How Charles Darwin Changed the World Forever

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Charles Darwin was a scientist who discovered the origin of life through a study on the Galapagos Islands. Before Darwin’s discovery, the world was looked upon as God’s playground where everything happened because of him. For example, if something bad happened to someone’s family like a disease it would be because they have angered God. Darwin lived during the dawn of reasoning and questioning. Men were now asking “how”, and “why”, instead of just accepting it as God’s will. Charles would pave the way of how science would be seen as today and for future generations of the world to come. He showed that humans were created by chance and would change the world looked at life forever. Charles Darwin had a significantly great impact on culture, writing, and religion by showing the world that we are no longer God’s gift, things happened through probability, and the bible is not a book history. Charles showed the world that we were no longer God’s gift to the earth by showing that we were created through evolution and not placed here on earth by God. One way the Charles Darwin showed this was through a book he wrote called the Origin of Species. “The Origin of Species was a breakthrough that used his own work and other ideas... to pave the way for the formulation of his theory.” (Tuazon 2) He showed the world that we were born through evolution by…
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