How Charles Dickens Portrays the Murder of Nancy in Oliver Twist

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How Charles Dickens Portrays the Murder of Nancy in Oliver Twist "Oliver Twist" was written by Charles Dickens. He was born on February 7th 1812in Landport which is situated in Portsmouth, England. He worked in a blacking factory where shoe polish is produced and Dickens job was to paste labels to the bottles of polish. The working conditions then were dreadfully poor, He was doing this job when he was 12 years old which meant that in those days children had little childhood where they can have fun like nowadays. This was the same age when Oliver worked in the workhouse and because Dickens had experienced working in poor conditions when he was young he made the book more dramatic and more real life…show more content…
The chapter was so melodramatic even Dickens was shocked and terrified. "Fatal Consequences" suggests to us that there will be a tragedy in this chapter, Dickens makes us have sympathy for Nancyduring the novel and so when she is murdered we begin to have hatred for Sikes and feel sorry for Nancy. Sikes is referred to as a man and Nancy as a girl. Sikes is thirty five and we think that Nancyis around 16. Later on we discover Sikes Violence towards other people, even animals. "This command was accompanied with a kick, which sent the animal to the other end of the room" Straight after we are told about his character, he hates everyone who goes against him and also "….threats …promises …bribes" people to get them to do something for him. After Sikes introduction who is violent and a greedy character, we get to know more about Nancy. Nancycares for everyone and even for people she doesn't know: "I wonder whether they can hear it," she is referring to the men in jail and she calls them: "..poor fellows" This shows us her compassionate character. On the Other hand Sikes refers them as: "..Fine young chaps'-well they're as good as
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