How Childcare Affects The Psycho Social Development Of A Child Essay

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With the rise of both parents of a child working full time jobs, child care enrolments have increased accordingly. As such, research into how childcare affects the psycho-social development of a child must be assessed so legislative policies could be adjusted to optimise their growth. Development is interactive, multi-dimensional and complex, but this review aims to examine and evaluate the underlying mechanisms that childcare may affect in the overall social-emotional development and attachment styles of a child.

Childcare are regular, monetary arrangements that temporarily provide caregiver’s to a child in the absence of their parent/s, whether within the home or in centre-based environments (Howes & Hamilton, 1992; Howes, Phillips, & Whitebook, 1992; Merz et al., 2015; Berry, Blair, & Granger, 2016.). Research has suggested that childcare has had a negative impact on a child’s psychological and physiological development due to rises in their cortisol levels during childcare hours (Badanes, Dmitrieva, & Watamura, 2012; Lumian et al., 2015; Berry, Blair, & Granger, 2016). On the other hand, other studies have suggested that childcare assists opportunities of growth in executive functions (Merz et al., 2015) and social development (Connell & Prinz, 2002). However, there are many asterisks that come with these findings as quality, type, time spent, and ratio of teacher to child in the childcare must also be considered (Howes & Hamilton, 1992; Howes, Phillips, & Whitebook,
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