How Childhood Can Be Described As The Most Enjoyable Time Of Our Lives

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Childhood can be described as the most enjoyable time of our lives; it starts from birth and ends in our adolescence. The memories that we gather from our childhood remains with us for our lifetime. These memories can vary from being very pleasant and full of laughter and joy, to being distressing and full of tears and fear. It is quite ironic that it is easier for us to recall the unpleasant childhood memories than it is to remember the happy times. In the poem, “Zimmer in Grade School”, Paul Zimmer illustrates a boy’s failure in grade school that has left him with self-doubt and lack of confidence. The boy mentioned in the poem is none other than Paul Zimmer himself. In this poem, Zimmer recalls his childhood and remembers his insecurities and failures that lead him to be disobedient. I relate to “Zimmer in Grade School” because I remember having intimidating experiences and frights in grade school that have left me with low self-esteem and uncertainty. As a child, my grade school experience was not one that I am fond of nor does it give me pleasure to recall it. My grade school experience took place in India; and like Zimmer, my grade school was a harsh reality of my life. Zimmer in the poem states, “In grade school I wondered / Why I had been born / To wrestle in the ashy puddles” (1-3). Twenty years ago, I clearly remember going through the same dilemma and looking to God for answers to my existence. I went to school with a bunch of hostile children who not only
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