How Childhood Relationships And Attachments Effect Our Adult Relationships?

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Research Assignment How childhood relationships and attachments effect our adult relationships? The program that I work for holds a provider breakfast once a year to acknowledge us, provides us with certificates of service and a special guest speaker joins us. This particular speaker was inspirational, insightful and was a pure delight to listens to. It was on June 7, 2014 and the guest speaker name was Sherry-Lynne Kirschner. The topic of her agenda was “What id Mindfulness”. She started off with a little metaphor about how nature is in away just like our mind, body and soul in the way they need nurturing and care. I cannot remember exactly how it goes and wish I had the privileged to hear it again. I have used this in relation to how nature and children’s needs are similar in the way of life. “To some people an acorn is an acorn, nothing more than just a nut. To others it represents potential. This tiny seed has the ability and the necessary elements to become the giant, majestic oak that has come to signify strength. When the proper conditions are provided, the little nut will thrive and grow into an impressive adult tree providing oxygen and shade as nature intended. The most important factor to the budding tree is the environment”. Like all living things, the acorn needs care and an ideal place to call home to be able to develop and blossom properly. This is also true for humans. By providing a secure, healthy, caring and positive environment for an infant to grow,
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