How Children Are Affected Children With Non Divorced Parents Essay

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According to the Encyclopedia of Psychology, one half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. With these one million children are affected each year. Eighty five percent of these children live in single parent households, with the mother being the head of the house. The father is usually distant or does not speak to the children at all. These children are highly affected and experience a great deal of emotional and academic problems. Especially when you compare them to children with non-divorced parents. During adolescence, these children have twice as high as a rate of dropping out of high school, having teenage pregnancy, and experiencing deliquiate behavior. I am not a child of divorce, but a child dear to me is. I have seen firsthand the emotional tear that it can play into a child’s life, and the way it affects a family. Divorce may cause children to grow up anxious and scared. Children may even ask themselves “why me?”, “what can I do?”, and “where should I go from here?”. Divorce can greatly affect a child’s relationship with both parents. As well as other family members, such as grandparents. Children that must go through divorce often feel like they might have commitment issues, due to the devastation of their parents’ divorce and the lack of commitment the parents had for each other. Most parents who get divorced usually remarry within three years of their previous divorce. Meaning that the children must go through the experience of adapting to a
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