How Children Are Raised And The Environment

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How children are raised and the environment they are in from the time they are born until they are on their own plays a huge part in how their personality is shaped and what their morals are. One thing that affects personality and morals is the religion that they associate themselves with, or what they believe in; many times the rituals that go along with their beliefs has a large effect on the children, usually more so than the belief itself. The second thing that plays a part in the shaping of your personality are the rituals done culturally that aren’t directly from your religion.
Bali is an island and a province of Indonesia located on the southwest side neighboring Lombok and Java. The Balinese culture has changed drastically over the years but I am going to focus on the 1930’s. Mothers are primarily responsible for caring for the children and have specific rituals and tactics to how to raise their children to shape their personality to how they think it should be.
The Balinese culture makes the young aware of their sex from a very early age. While repeatedly saying “beautiful” (or a word meaning feminine beauty) people would pat the young girl’s vulva and for young boys, they would applaud the boys penis while repeatedly saying “handsome” (or a word meaning handsome male)(Mead 42).
The infants in the Bali culture often look like dolls, although they aren’t treated like dolls. The mothers of infants have a ritual with the hopes of desensitizing them from the actions
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