How Children Learn Language

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. We go through a lot of things in our life and only in a year everything can change for us. Those changes can happened do to what we had or have learned and have want through in the past. It can also help us not to make the same mistake as we did in the past or we observer from what other have done. This paper is about applying the knowledge and application to long-term memories, classical conditioning, positive reinforcement and child learn language. Long-term memories are files that are stored in the "folder" area of our brains. We use these memories to learn from them, so we can safeguard against things that are similar to these experiences we had in the pasted. Every day that goes by each one of us is going to be learning something…show more content…
It was developed by Ivan Pavlov to see how the dog would respond to a project that dog desired, which was food. For example, when a kids sees milk and then anything happens until he sees a chocolate chips cookies and he cannot take his sees eyes out of the cookies, natural stimulus is the milk and there was no respond by the by the child and he let he see the cookie which unconditioned stimulus. Then the next time that kids sees milk that there is going to be cookies for him. Which mean unconditioned stimulus is the cookie and the response his eyes which is now the unconditioned response. After that the kids sees milk which is the conditioned stimulus and his eyes are the conditioned response. It’s interesting because you can tests it on an animal or a person to see what they would do for something they desired the most. It’s useful for people and animal because it can help with adapt to the environment, deal with dangerous situations and learn through observation. Positive reinforcement is the adding of an item to increase a certain behavior or response. If you give someone two dollars for every time you saw them smiley and they would smile every time they see you and that is positive reinforcement. It’s interesting to me because I can use it on my siblings to get them to read a book for just an hour and kids now a days just want to play video games or watch television all day. Positive reinforcement is useful because it can
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