How Children Succeed

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Once you’ve been in school for nearly 12 years of your life you think you know all of the tricks to conquering the school year. When a problem arises you think you know the easy way out of it or the perfect way to avoid it. Some kids probably believe that as you continue on through your education these problems will just simply decrease. As a junior in high school, I’ve come to find that that assumption couldn’t be more false. High school came as a scare to me and I felt that I was the only one going through those typical teenage problems; however, after reading How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character, by Paul Tough, I began to gain some of my confidence back. I have always been a kid who has done well in…show more content…
Though I do witness this issue I have never personally experienced it, but I have experienced another issue Tough touched upon in his book. Motivation. A simple word that many of us tend to lack. There are times when I strongly lack motivation. I will have a stack of work to do, easy work too, but my motivation level is just too low to even consider completing it. Tough claims that the only way to achieve a long term goal is to withhold motivation and volition; however, one quality isn’t sufficient without the other. It made perfect sense when Tough explained that it’s great to have the desire to lose weight but without the willpower to put down the junk food success is nowhere in sight. This is a major problem I have encountered. Sometimes I’ll have the yearning to get straight A’s on my report card, but if I don’t get off my phone and start studying then I’m going to have to settle with a few unsatisfying B’s. I had such a strong connection to Tough’s book and claims that I actually surprised myself. I agreed with mainly every argument and had a whole new perspective on my own educational path. I think what affected me the most were the 7 qualities of successful students. When I first came across the list of qualities of successful students I started to evaluate myself. Do I have self-control? Do I always show gratitude? As I asked these questions I realized some
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