How China 's Isolation Affected Itself?

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Questions/Main ideas/topics NOTES:
How has China’s isolation affected itself?

What traditions did the Chinese develop?

Patterns in Classical China
What dynasties were widely known in China?

What has the Zhou dynasty accomplished?

What were the alliances like?

What became of the Yangtze River Valley?

What did the Zhou dynasty work to do?

Qin Dynasty
Who took over after the fall of the Zhou dynasty?

What accomplishments were made during the Qin dynasty?

Han Dynasty

What was accomplished in the Han dynasty?

Political Institutions

What was done with political institutions during all three dynasties?

What did the government create or produce during this period?

Religion and Culture

What did Confucius believe?

What is Confucianism and what did Confucius set out to do?

What is Daoism?

What did Lao-zi do for the religion Daoism?

What did Daoism do?

What did the Five classics do?

What advancements has China made in the area of science?

Economy and Society

What technological advancements did China have?

Why was family important? • Isolated o Limited in knowledge of other cultures o Spared it from invasions and developed an intense and instinctive Chinese identity
• Huang He thinkers developed a vague world view that was accepted as a standard approach in later Chinese thinking o harmony of nature
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