How Chinese Consumers Engage? Buyer Behavior Towards Purchasing Apple Iphones

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Chapter 2 Literature Review: 2.1 Introduction: The research is going to evaluate how Chinese consumers engage in buyer behavior towards purchasing Apple iPhones. Thus, the literature review will concentrate on Chinese consumers’ buyer behavior, which contains the way Chinese consumers consider and the reason of those consumers’ consideration and decision-making. First of all, the consumer buyer behavior will undoubtedly be introduced, including the stages of consumer buyer behavior and then expand to the area of Chinese consumers’ buyer behavior. Then, the background of Chinese consumers will be introduced, containing different age groups that will further help understand Chinese consumers’ consideration and needs. After that, the factors, which have the influence on their buyer behavior will be discovered that will be mainly concentrated on the personal, psychological, social and cultural factors, combined with the linking to Apple iPhone. Finally, the summary of the literature review will be concluded and the research gap will also be raised. 2.2 Consumer buyer behavior: Consumer behavior is usually significant to the marketers, which makes the great contribution to let the marketers further know about consumers’ think such as the factors, which play the main role in making the determining (Brosekhan, Velayutham & Phil, 2008). Consumer buyer behavior is an important factor in consumer behavior, which is defined by Blythe (2008) as a kind of significant behavior includes

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