How Christianity Changed Between The First Century And Its Legalization

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How Christianity changed between the first century and its legalization in the fourth century Christianity had to evolve and adapt over the centuries in order to survive. Christianity had to merge with the cultures and traditions of other religions. It took four centuries for Christianity to become legal. In the year 30, Christianity mainly consisted of Jews who accepted Jesus as the Messiah. The belief that Jesus was a savoir was the break from Judaism. Jesus was appealing to people because he was real; lived on Earth. His teachings were appealing to people and the main ideas was that Christ was a savior. Jesus taught using parables, he talked to people who had been shunned, and welcomed the poor into society. The four Apostles are the telling of Jesus with different emphasis. They traveled spreading the teachings of Christ throughout the Roman Empire and beyond. John started to preach good news and John the Baptist told the people that the kingdom of god was near. The teachings included that sins could be forgiven through Gods orders. God was a loving and forgiving father, and believed in life after death. Jesus could perform miracles, raise the dead, and cure blindness. Christianity was seen at first as a part of Judaism, and the early believers were comprised of an apocalyptic Jewish sect. It was thought that the Lord may return at any time and the end must be close. The persecutions of the Christian’s by the Romans began when the Christian’s became too

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