How Christianity and Science Can Go Together Essay

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In 2011, the Barna Group completed and published the results of a five-year study on why many teens are turning away from Christian churches. The research showed that one-fourth of these skeptical young adults felt that “Christianity is anti-science” . This statistic should not be too surprising because Christians are notorious for their steadfast beliefs in Genesis 1 which states that the universe was created by God in just 6 days. Obviously, this tale contradicts countless scientific records and theories, making a life of faith practically unachievable for any science-minded individual. But contrary to popular belief, no one has to choose a side. There is no need to abandon trust in a higher power for scientific evidence or vice versa …show more content…

When one observer might be very dramatic in their testimony, another might be disinterested and unclear in their wording. Of course, both statements would hold the facts of what happened. In this case, the fact is that there was a car crash and everyone survived. However, the differences would lie in the less significant things such as the amount of blood on the scene or who called 911. This is all part of perception. Each person would have seen the mishap in a different way because of things that had happened to them before. Had both of the reports been identical, the police would have no choice but to bring the eyewitnesses in for questioning. Adults involved in criminal justice are fully aware of the power of perception. They know that there is no such thing as a wrong point of view, and they know that every person has their own. Even indifference is a perception because the observer views the issues as unimportant. “[I]t is not so much what people see happening around them that is important but rather what they think they see happening,” says Professor Tsikirayi of the University of Zimbabwe. This statement is crucial in understanding why Genesis 1 was written in such a seemingly peculiar manner. Moses was the editor of the book which we now refer to as “Genesis”. However, Moses did not rewrite anything; he merely arranged the books into chronological order and filled in the gaps with the

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