How Christians Influenced The United States

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A lot has happened over the this course learning everything from music in the 1960s to interrogation techniques of the current. The last ting we learned about our country is how Christians played a role in it. The history of we came to be in America, how we have an influence and the social enigmas with wanting it in politics. The main things we covered in the past eight weeks is how different events have effected or influenced the United States. We begin in the sixties and worked our way through the major events and crises of our country.
Sadness could be the label of the sixties, but it wasn 't the only thing influencing culture. We often forget one of the most powerful influences of this time and through all of history to now Music is and was powerful. The sixties are a decade that holds many history making changes, from assassination to wars, but looking back you can see what the music was about and it clearly points out why certain things were popular. It was a huge factor in culture and still is today. “In 1960, nearly half of America 's population is under 18 years old” This is what caused music to influence us so greatly the fact that we could get our mind off of war and other horrible things and just let lose. The mood is what has become most important instead of meaning which I think is sad. Looking back you see the Beatles, they sang about girls and how they made them feel. Now in currently you have the boy band One Direction, who is doing the same
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