How Cigarettes Should Be Banned

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If a product kills million of consumer would we keep it out in the market? If an industry is costing the federal government 955 billion dollars would we keep subsidizing it? If there is a group of the work force that could be using their skills to aid in the hundreds of other areaas that they could be helping why wouldn’t we take action already? In 1920 the United States Government decided that the consumption, production and transportation of alcohol had enough of a negative effect on the nation as a whole that they banned liquor all together. The same action should be taken with the consumption, faming, distribution and even the possession of tobacco and cigarettes. Cigarettes should be banned because they have a countless amount of health consequences, tobacco farmers cost the federal government billion to bail them out instead of reinvesting that money to aid in really any other are of farming that is struggling, and lastly because of the environmental impact and footprint that the growing of tobacco and manufacturing of cigarettes produces. The World Health Organization, Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and every medical board and association agrees that cigarettes are extremely detrimental, yet people keep smoking them. Cigarettes by nature and design are highly addictive and very hard to quit once you have started a habit of smoking them. Surveys have found that smokers themselves don’t even like smoking cigarettes they
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