How Cities Can Move On The Global Competition

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In this assignment i will be discussing how cities can move and improve to become from merely even host and actually become genuinely an eventful city. cities have always been able to attract a wide range of audience from all parts of the world to display a cities practise, culture, music, history, artist and crafts and various other fields to help shape and strengthen a city and create a strategy to face the global competition. a city is an eventful city due to the fact they are constant pressure to regenerate a new urban fabric, economical and social cultural propensity. cities having to host events means the creation and promotion of events such as festivals, shows, exhibitions, fairs and other sporting events e.g. Wimbledon there is…show more content…
London as a city is very colourful but as the weather in England is not the best with most days being grey and dark which could turn potential events into a downpour. for a city to have lively atmosphere makes tourists more eager to visit and feel good about living in a place and generates a positive income, the city would have to carefully make a decision about the use of space with the atmosphere and attractiveness would bring due to the fact that using the space sensibly would add value to experiences by facilitating the act of coming together, responsibility and the sense of community, identity and collective memory.

the animation of space can cause unsolicited and unplanned problems which need to be managed, although a space without a flow of events may feel empty and unattractive. on the other hand, if the flow of events becomes too fast those who inhabit the space may experience some stress. each individual seek a different level of optimal stimulation in a given scenario. too much stimulation creates stress and a search of reduced stimulation where as too little stimulation produces boredom and search for a higher level of stimulation. (an optimal level of
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