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• How clearly did the presenter define and explain the key facts/issues? The presenter spoke clearly and fluently, and introduced the term creativity with underpinned research and illustrations. The introduction part is considered to be quite successful. At first, the presenter briefly introduced the key contents of the presentation. Based on source found, the presenter then defined what creativity is with its characters. Followed by assertive scholar research, the presenter posed an interesting question, which supports creativity can be developed through proper management. Next, straightforward illustration was applied to show different functions of human brain. In delivering the presentation, the presenter demonstrated satisfied…show more content…
This part can be a very impressive starting point, introducing the fact that human automatically relate new things happened with something within their experience (De Bono, 2015). And people are biologically primed to learn from past events, which usually helps to us as it let us draw on our background and experience and build on what we previously learned (De Bono, 2015). However, people actually have to force themselves to think ' 'outside the box ' ' at times, therefore creativity is needed. To assess the creativity and business, the six hats for parallel thinking was appropriately illustrated by the presenter. Six hats technique was developed by Edward de Bono, providing direction for group thinking and decision-making by transforming habitual thinking ways. The presenter reminded and interpreted the value of creativity by emphasizing feasibilities and new perceptions, reflecting the appreciation and understanding of the subject. But the research question itself was not been answered adequately as the significance for creativity at work is not included in the presentation. • How well was the presentation framed, structured and managed? The presenter structured presentation in reasonable order. At the beginning, the presenter introduced the definition and then explained the forming process of creativity, following by implements to mangers to advocate creativity, the presenter added barriers to carrying out creative actions at

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