How Climate Change Affects Us

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Abstract The following research will explain how climate change affects us, what it has done in our past and what effects it will have on our future. Climate change is something that is happening as we speak, however, many people in our society are completely unaware of what is causing it and how it can affect the earth. Charts from NASA and The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will give a visual of how the temperatures have changed in recent years and how they will be changing in the future.
Future Climate Change Forecast Climate change is a major worldwide issue that society is not yet taking seriously. So far, the climate has been changing drastically, but what we as a society should be worried about is the future of climate change and how it will impact us. The climate has been changing rapidly over the past 100 years; the global temperatures have been rising slowly but not slow enough for us to not be worried about the effects it will have on the world. The climate continues to change daily on Earth. In the past few decades there have been a noticeably higher amount of heat waves and there has also been a significantly lower amount of cold spells. These changes not only have a great impact on land but also impact the Earth’s oceans. (Kitchen, 2014) In order to better understand the effects that the climate change will have on our future, we must first try to understand what it is currently doing to Earth and what it has done in the past. The…
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