How Cloud Computing Can Be Employed By Business And Organizations Around The World

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Introduction Cloud computing has become a major topic of discussion and debate for any business or organization which relies on technology. Anyone connected to the Internet is probably using some type of cloud computing on a regular basis. Whether they are using Google’s Gmail, organizing photos on an Apple iPhone’s photo steam or searching the Web with Bing they are engaged in cloud computing. The interesting thing about cloud computing is it did not start as a technology for the business enterprise, but was driven by the public with services like Facebook. Over the last few years businesses have started to see the value of cloud computing causing it to become a major technology solution for businesses and organizations around the world.…show more content…
Cloud computing is essential for businesses. It provides distributed cloud storage solutions that enable enterprises and users with varying capabilities to process and store their data, applications or information in a third party data centers. Cloud computing is a technology which has evolved overtime. It has redefined the field of information technology. Businesses have emerged and expanded as a result of cloud computing. For example, companies such as UPS and FedEx among others have efficiently embraced cloud computing to improve customer experience through cloud enabled technologies. However, when implementing this technology, businesses should be prepared to address challenges such as security, vendor-lock in, lack of access to high speed broadband connectivity and limited control of customer’s associated with the technology. Since cloud computing technology offers more tangible benefits than drawbacks, business can exploit the technology and use it to increase efficiency and productivity. Why Cloud? Is it the Future? There are a multitude of business reasons why businesses move to the cloud. For one company, it will be the flexibility that cloud offers while another will be looking to cut costs. But does it signify future trend for most businesses? Many businesses have heard diverse views about cloud technology. Whether if it will be the future trend, is yet
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