How Collaboration With Hr Improves People Success

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How Collaboration with HR Improves People Success In the recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) publication for July – August 2015, the title of the magazine was It’s Time to Blow Up HR and Build Something New. Here’s How (Harvard Business Review, 2015). The publication had a series of articles related to elevating the Human Resources (HR) function to supporting the chief executive officer (CEO) and the chief finance officer (CFO) effectively manage the organizations people, and way from administrative functions (Harvard Business Review, 2015). In general, I agree that having an HR function in my organization that supports me developing myself as an employee, and the people on my team to have the skills, and organizational design allowing me to execute my role is my expectation of HR. This paper discussions my expectations of the HR function at Pearson, both as an employee and as a director of my group, how I discern how well I am performing at my job function, and provide future on-the-job training recommendations for new employees given my experience. I began working for Pearson in 2007 when they acquired my previous organization eCollege. At the time I ran a twenty-five person team as the Director of Project Management. I needed to understand how the performance management system, recruiting process, and benefits package would be different to ensure that was evaluating my employees in line with Pearson’s directions, staff my department, as well as supporting my
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