How College Composition Has Helped Me Grow Tremendously As A Writer

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College Composition has helped me grow tremendously as a writer. While I am still not where I want to be as a writer, Comp 1 has given me the push in the right direction that high school never did. When I was in high school I had about a month total of grammar over those 4 years so writing was not a big part of my life at that point. Due to that, I knew coming into Comp 1 that I would struggle to produce something worth reading at first. Through countless revisions and reflections on each paper I have learned so much about the process of writing in such a short time. One major disadvantage of not writing a lot in high school was that there was no re-writing of anything. Very rarely did I have to write more than one draft of a paper. Now I understand why some papers can go through 7 or 8 drafts before being complete. There is so much more time and research that goes into writing a paper that I had never thought about before this class. Learning how to analyze the works of others and form my own opinions in order to write my own paper was a great learning experience of how to include myself in the conversation of a topic. Something that I still struggle with is incorporating the right questions in my paper as well as portraying my own ideas clearly to the reader. Another thing that I have learned that goes with writing multiple drafts is using the reader’s feedback in order to craft my next draft. I have learned through the semester that the audience plays a huge part in
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