How College Student 's Level Of Wellbeing And Happiness

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Why is it that some individuals are so high above the curve in terms happiness and optimism, even in the face of challenges and misfortunes? Whatever it is, there are individuals in psychology who wish to study and understand the science of happiness. These individuals specialize in the new field of psychology, positive psychology. Such researchers wish to gain insight on gaining happiness and building a resiliency to negative emotions. With an increasing emphasis on measuring college success, primarily through academic outcomes, it becomes understandable that school professionals might stay active in monitoring student’s well-being and happiness. However, how and why student’s well-being and happiness plays a role during their time on campus and what college faculty members are doing, or not doing, remains an interesting area for review. The intend of this research is to produce a better understanding of how college student’s level of wellbeing and happiness is monitored or could be monitored by faculty besides how emotions and a student’s happiness level affect individual students’ time on campus. It is impossible to escape negative information. Just imagine turning on the news, it doesn’t take long to see that the majority of information streamed is not positive, but often negative. Most broadcasted news depicts murder, corruption, disasters and disease. This provides our world with an overwhelming positive to negative ratio that surrounds us. With this overwhelming
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