How Communication Affects The Younger Generations?

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Communication plays a vital role in human life. Being able to communicate is one of the most important things humans do for one another. There are hundreds of different ways humans communicate whether it’s through different languages, talking on the phone or sending letters in the mail, and the most recent form of communication, social media. What is so outstanding about social media is the fact that it allows individuals to represent themselves and have their own voice in the form of words, pictures, and videos. How is this new form of communication affecting the younger generations? Social media has had a detrimental effect on how we interact with each other, especially little kids and young adults.
Communication shares the same amount of significance to humans as breathing does. Without communication all productivity would be lost and humanity would, essentially, fall apart. Humans have been around for about 200,000 years (Howell, 2015) and in order to get here we had to have been able to communicate with one another. The main source of communication in this era of the 21st century is social media. What is social media? The term “social media” implies exactly what is says: “media” being a place where publications occur and “social” being something that implies there is sharing occurring such as a sharing of ideas, opinions, images (Pizano, 2015). “Social media allows individuals to gather and express themselves in a much more simple and immediate fashion” (Pizano, 2015,…
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