How Community Living Can Engage And Create Effective Identification With Their Audience Essay

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Limitations so far: Limitations to the theory used include Cheney’s (1983) strategies being focused on employees in organisations, and so the way audiences receive the newsletters could not be measured and were not indicated by the strategies. Because of this it was difficult to assess how audiences were receiving the newsletters by Community Living; however the information and use of strategies present in the newsletters gave an indication of the type of feeling and level of inclusion the newsletters give off to their readers and audiences. Another limitation of the applied theory is that there was no way of knowing who was receiving and reading the newsletters; this is just an aspect that comes with external communication as the audience cannot be controlled like that of internal communication. Introduction In the modern-day business industry, the need for effective communication whether it is for a not-for-profit organisation or a multinational corporation has become a necessity in order to succeed. The aim of this research report is to examine how Community Living can engage and create effective identification with their audience in their communications through an in-depth analysis of strategies currently used. The objectives of this report are: • Introduce recommendations for Community Living that will increase their engagement with publics and stakeholders. • Increase the effectiveness of Community Living’s communications through the development of current
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