How Community Policing Cause A Movement Of Training

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Development of Policing
The goals of this essay is to show how community policing cause a movement of training, therefore promoting training as the key to the change in community policing. This requires applying aspects the nature of training to promote the mission of Community Policing, providing ways to disperse this area of concentration and personalizing police service and empowering neighborhoods to take part in this process by making them safer and better.
Command of temper is absolutely necessary for law enforcement officers because they have the ability to seize members of the community of their freedom. An officer not having control of their temper, represents a threat to our community and gives bad publicity to other police officers. A huge part of a police officer’s everyday activities includes interacting with the citizens in the form of effective communication, therefore maintaining acceptable demeanor is extremely important. Appropriate behavior can go a long way toward securing the goodwill necessary for a collaborative relationship necessary for effective policing to exist (Banks, 2009).
Achieving a positive citizen’s opinion, therefore resulting in a safer community and controlled neighborhoods. When police officers show necessary emotional intelligence skill, they become great public servants. In addition, the bottom line police work is very stressful, command of temper is of great significance characteristics a police officer must possess. Police
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